A Master Class On Drone Mapping

A Master Class On Drone Mapping

March 9, 2018

Learning About Drone Mapping

By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor

Greg Crutsinger, a Drone Ecologist with Scholar Farms, recently spoke at the Bayer Crop Science AgVocate Forum in Anaheim. Crutsinger directs consulting and training services with a special emphasis on drone vegetation and aerial drone mapping.

He's a professional ecologist and a former professor who left academia to join the Silicon Valley drone industry, where he has worked with some of the leading drone hardware and software companies. Scholar Farms’ core values are to consistently seek to provide best in class training experiences for their clients.

Their list is growing, with clients across a range of commercial industry interested in mapping plants with drones. They include agricultural, forestry, environmental consulting, local and state agencies, GIS Surveys, scientific applications, service providers, and much more. Crutsinger spoke of the upcoming master classes Scholar Farms will be hosting

“We are launching our master class. We're still dialing in the pricing, but it will be couple hundred bucks,” Crutsinger said. “If you take the course, we'll walk you through from zero to hero. It's all online, so it's a self-paced video series that will give you an example data sets; you don't even have to have a drone and it will give you the complete background on drone imagery, all the sensors, all the hardware, and you can just take it at your own pace."

People with a wide range of job in skill levels are welcome to take the class.

“We've made it broad so it's really just a master class for mapping plants. So you could be a grower, you can be an agronomist, you could be a service provider, such as flying drones for farms, but you could also be an ecologist or forester or a public agency,” explained Crutsinger.

“The tools are pretty similar but it’s the interpretation that folks will have to do for themselves, for their farm, or for their crop,” said Crutsinger. “We can't do it all, but it will get you started and get you out there collecting data. Folks can follow @ScholarFarms on twitter, and we're excited to talk to folks. We are a new company and we're happy to be in the state."