9th Annual CA Rangeland Conservation Coalition

9th Annual CA Rangeland Conservation Coalition

December 28, 2013

Jan. 21-22
California Rangeland Conservation Coalition Summit

Oakdale Community Center, Oakdale, Ca

With rangelands returning as little as $1/acre per year, ranchers and grazing are being replaced not only by ranchettes and shopping malls, but by tree crops, vineyards and other types of agriculture.
This conversion is particularly evident in California’s San Joaquin Valley, the location of the 9th Annual Rangeland Summit. At risk is the future of California’s ranching industry and the diverse wildlife, unique wetlands, and healthy watersheds they support.

Ranchers, researchers, land managers, conservationists and agency representatives will convene at the state’s largest rangeland stewardship forum to learn from one another and consider how to keep California’s rangeland and ranches working for livestock production and conservation.

This is a 2-day event. For presentations, sessions and tour schedule, visit: http://www.carangeland.org/