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January 15, 2016

From the Editor

California Ag Today would like to issue a formal apology regarding errors in our article, “Korea Refuses Contaminated Citrus,” published yesterday on our website,

While we strive to accurately report timely, trusted and essential news about California’s comprehensive and complex agricultural industry according to the highest standards in professional journalism, we always appreciate the opportunity to correct any errors we have made.

To be clear, Korea is not refusing citrus imports from California. Korea is concerned about the detected presence of Fuller rose beetles in arriving citrus shipments.

I, personally and sincerely apologize to:

  1. Dr. Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell for any and all misrepresentations of her message.
  2. The California agricultural industry for any hindrance or concern our article may have caused.
  3. Our readers, the California Ag Today team, and Charmayne Hefley, author of the article, for my editorial errors.

In addition, I thank California Citrus Mutual for informing us about our errors with haste. 

We promptly removed the story from our website,, as soon as we were notified. We will continue to strive to better adhere to our mission of accurately reporting news about California’s agriculture industry.

Here is a more recent article on the issue:

"Californian Citrus Rejected by Korea," published on today and tweeted by Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell today as well.

Laurie Greene