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What The California Ag Industry Is Saying About CaliforniaAgToday.com

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“I enjoy reading California Ag Today on-line as often as I can because it has so much relevant information about California Farming. The editors Patrick Cavanaugh and Laurie Greene are on top of things and always report the latest news and issues.”

Joe Del Bosque, Del Bosque Farms, Fresno County 2000 acres of cherries, melons, almonds, asparagus, cannery tomatoes (when there is water).

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“California Ag Today always has the latest information that growers, packers and processors need to know. From field and weather conditions to regulatory issues that face agriculture, if you looking for a one stop shop on ag issues, I encourage you go to California Ag Today.”

Pamela Sweeten, Consultant TrackMyCrop.com

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“California Ag Today does a great job of covering the diverse issues affecting the agricultural industry in the state. As a member of UC Cooperative Extension, I really appreciate that California Ag Today reporters take the time to attend meetings and field days, ask good questions of researchers, and help keep our stakeholders informed of the work that we do.”

Bradley D. Hanson, Extension Weed Specialist Plant Science Dept.; University of California, Davis

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“Patrick Cavanaugh is a man with a vision who has created California Ag Today to spotlight, not only the Ag industry in California, but what affects us all as a community. His vast reporting of Ag issues makes his blog of most importance.”

Juan Carlos Oseguera, Writer, Director, Filmmaker The Fight For Water Film

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“What I really appreciate about California Ag Today is all the different topics that are covered. The editors report on a wide gamut of topics, including all the different crops, water and politics. It’s like they are in the field everyday bringing information in. No other website covers agriculture as comprehensive as California Ag Today.”

Bryan Van Groningan , Co-owner of Van Groningan and Sons Inc., San Joaquin County 5,000 acres of almonds, walnuts, sweet corn watermelons and pumpkins

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“California Ag Today’s editor Patrick Cavanaugh has a lifetime of knowledge, insightfulness and the thoroughness not to just take one source’s word as the final word, but to independently seek out alternate sources until he finds the real truth on a subject.”

Jon Amdursky, Media Relations Consultant

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“With the fast pace of information exchange these days, California Ag Today provides insightful and timely stories on what’s happening around the fields and ranches. The daily blog helps provide perspective on issues of greater concern to all farmers and ranchers. California Ag Today has become an important part of the communication network that the California agricultural community relies on.”

Norm Groot, Executive Director Monterey County Farm Bureau

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“When it comes to timely and the most relevant information concerning California agriculture, I look no further than California Ag Today. I know that given the experience, knowledge and background that Patrick Cavanaugh brings to the table, the information that I find there will translate into true value for me and our membership.”

Barry J. Bedwell, President, California Grape and Tree Fruit League

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“California Ag Today is a comprehensive source of up-to-date news and information on California agriculture.”

Mike Wade, Executive Director California Farm Water Coalition

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“Without a doubt, California agriculture has a lot of twist and turns, but somehow California Ag Today gets it all straighten out. Their daily updates keep the agricultural industry informed, unlike any other source.”

Mario Santoyo, Assist. General Manager of the Friant Water Authority, Fresno Director, Technical Advisor, Latino Water Coalition