El Niño is Here- But Will it Make a Difference?

El Niño is Here- But Will it Make a Difference?

March 14, 2016

El Niño is showering our state with tons of water. But most of it is going straight out to the ocean. Why are we not taking advantage of this opportunity to recover from the drought?

75% of the state – 29 million people and nearly 5 million acres of farmland in Central and Southern California – depend on water that falls as snow and rain in Northern California. This water eventually flows into the Sacramento River where a small percentage is pumped to cities and farms south of the Delta. The rest goes out to sea under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Right now, El Niño is doing its job – filling the Sacramento River with enough water to provide relief from the ongoing drought. But we aren’t doing our part. Watch this video to find out why we are failing to save El Niño precipitation for “non-rainy” days.

Video & Copy Credit: Western Growers