Urgent Help Needed—A Call To Action!

CALL TO ACTION! telltrump@gmail.com

By Kristi Diener with The CA Water for Food and People Movement

Call to Action! Last summer this group wrote more than 300 water letters to the U.S. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue. He left the Los Banos water forum with the secret service, and our letters in his car! With President Trump coming to town next week, I think it’s a great time to beat that record and submit another stack! telltrump@gmail.com

California does not care about reliable or affordable water for its own people or their food producers. They prove that year after year when they dump billions and trillions of gallons of fresh drinking water out into the Pacific Ocean. Even when voters approved a $7.5 billion dollar water bond for surface storage in 2014, we still have not gotten any infrastructure for which we voted.

President Trump has proved he is listening and does care. He has already done more to secure CA water for food and people in three years, than CA has in 40 years. What Trump saved our country from becoming in 2016 with his victory over Hillary Clinton, is happening in concentrated form in California, and water is simply being used as a political tool to implement an agenda we don’t want. We need continued federal help. But you know the issues. telltrump@gmail.com

I have set up an email for you to use. Write a sentence, a paragraph, or a novel, and tell Trump what’s happening to our water, and what we need. Thank him for executing the Biological Opinions update, for allocating money to raise Shasta Dam, or for his administration’s recent infrastructure designation that will focus attention and resources to ensure our state’s federal dams are robust, maintained and safe. Or pick any issue you want! telltrump@gmail.com

The emails will come to me, I will print them up, and I will find a way to see that he gets them next week. telltrump@gmail.com

Stuck? Not sure what to write? Scroll this group. You have my permission to use anything I’ve written here as your own.

Maybe you just want to write, “WATER DAM IT!” or maybe you want to tell him how California’s water policies and rate hikes have affected your family?

Maybe you want a federal audit for the billions of water-bond dollars CA keeps taking in? What about how the lack of surface water deliveries is going to idle a million acres of America’s most productive farmland and impact our food supply? Or how losing our nation’s food independence creates a national security issue? I don’t read them. I just print, stack, package, and deliver…so have at it. telltrump@gmail.com