Undersecretary, CA Natural Resouces Agency Janelle Beland Responds at Hearing

Packed House for Committee on Natural Resources, Janelle Beland, Undersecretary: Hearing Illuminates What is Going on with the State

TODAY, About 500 people including farmers, farm employees and others tied closely to the agricultural industry packed the Fresno City Council Room at City Hall to hear from several members of Congress seeking legislation to help California, crippled by a drought and environmental restrictions.


And if you happened to be there for only a few minutes, you would have heard what defines a problem with  Governor Brown’s office in regard to offering solutions to the water crises.

Are you ready for this?

Janelle Beland

Question from Congressman Tom McClintock to Janelle Beland, Undersecretary California Natural Resources Agency:

Representative McClintock
: “Our subcommittee has asked [many months ago, with no response] why nearly 800,000 acre-feet of water went from the Delta to the ocean last fall knowing full well that we were heading into a potential catastrophic drought?  It drained Folsum Lake almost entirely  and certainly was not pumped into San Luis Reservoir.


Janelle Beland: “We were not anticipating that the drought would continue.”