CVCWA Encourages Valley Residents to Join Chapter

Written By: Monique Bienvenue; Cal Ag Today Communications Manager

With the California Women for Agriculture recently celebrating its 40th anniversary, it’s no surprise that the Central Valley Chapter (CVCWA) is taking initiative to recruit new members.

“The CWA has been an integral part of my life,” said Central Valley Co-President Jane Bedrosian. “I may not have been present at the last Statewide Meeting in San Luis Obispo, but I saw renewed excitement about the CWA on the faces of the ladies who did get to go. I want to help share that excitement about agriculture with our friends and neighbors here in the Central Valley.”

The CWA is a statewide organization dedicated to bringing women together to “speak on behalf of agriculture in an intelligent, informative, direct and truthful manner.” Beginning in 1975, the CWA has been an instrumental organization in shedding positive light on what the agriculture industry is all about. From planning community events, speaking to politicians in Sacramento and promoting agriculture education – CWA members are determined to bridge the gap between agriculturalists and those removed from the industry.

“There is power in numbers,” said Central Valley Co-Presdient Marlene Miyasaki. “I believe that the stronger our presence is in our community, the easier it will be for us to inform others of the hard work necessary to provide food for the world.”

With 18 CWA chapters located throughout the state, there are ample opportunities for women to become advocates for agriculture within their communities. And the kindred spirit doesn’t end there; various statewide meetings are held annually, bringing together hundreds of CWA members from all over California.

The CVCWA has approximately 30 active members, but is looking to expand its membership. With issues like the California Drought and Immigration Reform currently taking the Central Valley by storm, agriculture literacy has never been more crucial.

The CVCWA is planning to make an appearance at the World Ag Expo in Tulare and Farm and Nutrition Day in Fresno; they are also currently working with Fresno County 4-H for other community events.

For more information about the CWA and its many chapters, click here.


The CVCWA Proves that there is Strength in Numbers

By: Monique Bienvenue; Cal Ag Today Communications Manager

Last Friday, a group of dignified women met up for a holiday luncheon at Joy Luck Cuisine in Fresno. After working hard throughout the year to promote California’s agriculture industry, it was time to eat a delicious meal, honor a few scholarship recipients and induct the new 2014-2015 officer team.

“The CVCWA is very important to me,” said California Women for Agriculture, Central Valley Co-President Marlene Miyasaki. “Not only does the work we do help to promote various aspects of the ag industry, I’ve also met some of my closest friends through this organization.”

For years, members of the CVCWA have worked hard to celebrate esteemed agriculturalists in the Central Valley and do their best to provide scholarship money for high school and college students studying agriculture. They play a big role in planning events such as the Common Threads Luncheon, The Ag Boosters BBQ and they also dedicate their time to various community service projects throughout the Fresno County.

“I love being a member of the CVCWA,” said Agriculture Communications student Sarena Silva. “Their dedication and love for the ag industry keeps me motivated to be a voice for farmers in the Central Valley.”

With a new officer team, the CVCWA has many plans for the new year. If you’d like to become a part of this instrumental organization, go to or call Marlene Miysaki at (559) 278-2861.