California Water Feeds Our Communities Tackles Rural Hunger

California Water Feeds Our Communities, a grassroots effort consisting of local businesses, service organizations and farmers, has partnered to help our communities who are suffering from the lack of water. As the summer progresses and less water is available, the need for resources will increase.
Community Food Bank CEO Andy Souza explained, “Our rural communities are suffering, and as we are challenged to keep up with the food lines at distribution sites, the generosity of our community can help us bridge the gap with financial and food donations.”

Local grower Sarah Woolf said, “This event is an ideal opportunity for our community to participate in helping those who are hardest hit by the drought. These are people whose livelihood depends upon a vibrant agricultural industry.”

The current zero water allocation for most of the Central Valley and the severe statewide drought is the inspiration for this event. The success of our state is tied to water which produces not only food but jobs and spurs the economy.

Promoting the need for food donations brings necessary focus on water and demonstrates how our state’s future depends upon a reliable water supply. Those wishing to donate can do so by phoning the Community Food Bank at 559-237-3663 ext. 113 or online at their website at:

California Water Feeds Our Communities is a grassroots effort to raise the awareness of the important role that water plays in California agriculture and everyday life. The drought has directly impacted our communities, farm workers and farmers. Many are devastated by the lack of water.