SmartFresh™ Helps Bring Fresh Melons to Distant Markets

SmartFresh™ Helps Bring Fresh Melons to Distant Markets

June 4, 2020

Fisher Ranch Expands Its Business Using AgroFresh's Flagship Technology to Deliver High Quality Melons

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. ("AgroFresh" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: AGFS), a global leader in produce freshness solutions, and family-owned grower and shipper Fisher Ranch recently partnered to deliver ready-to-eat, ripe melons from California to global markets using SmartFresh™ technology.

With the use of SmartFresh technology, California-based Fisher Ranch has created new business opportunities by extending the storage window and gaining improved inventory flexibility. The grower reported excellent freshness results using SmartFresh™ SmartTabs™ on cantaloupes and Golden Dewlicious™ honeydew melons. According to Fisher Ranch, AgroFresh's industry-trusted post-harvest solution enables melons to ripen on the vine, allowing the fruit to retain great firmness and sugar content despite longer transit time.

SmartFresh SmartTabs helps growers and shippers maintain fresh and firm fruit during transit, which results in longer retail shelf life. SmartFresh has also been proven to help control skin disorders on melons for 26 days in cold storage.

"After the successful completion of our commercial trials last year, SmartFresh enabled us to deliver great-tasting, aromatic, high quality melons to global markets, which was a new achievement for us," says Mike Farrage, sales manager at Fisher Ranch. "With this success in mind, we've increased our export volume this year and we'll now apply SmartFresh to our entire shipment of export melons."

SmartFresh SmartTabs is a convenient, easy-to-use solution for transport containers and small storage rooms. There's no need to manually insert sachets in each box of produce.

"We're excited to help our customers optimize the quality of their fresh produce and grow their business, at potentially higher margins, in distant markets that they otherwise could not access," says AgroFreshcommercial development manager Fernando Edagi. "We're thrilled to help growers such as Fisher Ranch deliver melons that provide a great eating experience with consistently high quality, flavor, sweetness and firmness."

"In our industry, we're noticing an increasing shift to long shelf-life (LSL) melon varieties that lack aroma and flavor," says Farrage. "By using SmartFresh, we're able to enjoy the same shelf-life benefits offered by the LSL varieties, but with enhanced characteristics such as aroma, flavor, firmness and texture that consumers prefer."

SmartFresh technology empowers growers, packers and retailers from around the world to preserve quality and freshness for a wide range of crops including: apple, pear, avocado, banana, melon, tomato, broccoli, mango*, peach, nectarine, plum, persimmon, kiwifruit, lime* and watermelon.

SmartFresh SmartTabs is registered by the US EPA; Registration No. 71297-3. Always read and follow label directions.