• Jon Vaught is CEO of Front Range BioSciences That Will Soon Open a Clean Stock Tissue Culture Lab in California to Accelerate Coffee Production

  • Adrian Percy, Global Head of R&D with Bayer Speaks About AgVocacy with Consumers

  • Katharine Burnett, Director of East Asian Studies Program at UC Davis and Faculty Director of the Global Tea Initiative, Speaks About the Future Tea Institute at UC Davis

  • Kelsey Knight, Director of Recruitment with AgriCorps, Explains Organization

  • Jessica Rudnick On Her Interest in Social Ecology

    Jessica Rudnick is a P.h.D. student at UC Davis in the Graduate Group in Ecology. She explains her interest in Social Ecology.

  • Katie Ward with the Safe Food Alliance, Explains Food Safety Courses.

    Katie Ward is Senior Marketing Manager with the Safe Food Alliance. She Explains a Contract Granted by CDFA to conduct Food Safety Courses in English and Spanish, as required by the FDA.

  • Themis Michailides on Band Canker in Almonds

    Band Canker is an old disease that is becoming a big issue in Almonds. Themis Michailides, is a UC Davis Plant Pathologist based at the Kearney Agricultural Extension Center in Parlier, Calif.

  • Ashwin Madgavkar with Ceres Imaging Helps Farmers with Questions about Water and Nutrition Stress

    Ashwin Madgavkar with Ceres Imaging explains new technology for California almond orchards, and other crops.

  • Weed Control with Brad Hanson UC Cooperative Extension Weed Specialist at UC Davis

  • UC Davis Ph.D. Animal Science Candidate, Holland Dougherty, Runs an Animal Science Blog: AnimalSustainability.tumblr.com



  • Santiago Martin, his brother Nacho Martin and Santiago Martin Jr. on Why They Love Farming

  • Michelle Leinfelder-Miles on Sorghum Seeding Rates

  • Impact of California Wildfires on Ag with Jason Resnick, Western Growers VP and General Council

  • Kate Olender, On the United Fresh Produce Association’s Fresh Start Foundation

  • Scot Rumburg Nevada State Statistician on USDA Ag Census for 2017

  • Nat DiBuduo, Allied Grape Growers, says SJV Winegrowers Must Produce Quality to Find a Home

  • Assemblyman Jim Patterson on Recent CA Supreme Court Ruling in Favor of UFW

  • Emily Symmes Says It’s Time to Hit the Reset Button for Navel Orangeworm Control with Sanitation

    Emily Symmes is the Area IPM Advisor for the Sacramento Valley with UC Cooperative extension and the Statewide IPM program. She said it’s Time to Reset for Navel Orange Control with Sanitation this Winter.

  • Matthew Strmiska with Adaptiv, Explains How His Company Can Help With Spray Strategy

    Matthew Strmiska is CEO and co-founder of Adaptiv, which helps growers be sure that the spray is at the right mixture and rate.

  • Publisher and Former Presidential Candidate Steve Forbes Explains the Importance of California Agriculture

    Steve Forbes Jr. an American publishing executive, sat down with California Ag Today to talk about agriculture and other topics.