• Pivot Bio is Developing Micros To Fix Nitrogen with an Aim to Help Growers Reduce N Applications

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  • Consumers Remain Confused About Food–Find Out Why!

  • Scholar Farms Helps Farmers and Others Understand Drone Use

  • Research Shows Thinning Cuts Instead of Heading Cuts Will Increase Early Yield in Chandler Walnuts

  • Jake Reisdorf is an AgVocate for Bee Culture, Educating Consumers About the Importance of Bee

  • Sam Keiper, President and CEO of Safe Food Alliance on the Needed Culture of Food Safety in All Ag Operations

  • Jon Vaught is CEO of Front Range BioSciences That Will Soon Open a Clean Stock Tissue Culture Lab in California to Accelerate Coffee Production

  • Adrian Percy, Global Head of R&D with Bayer Speaks About AgVocacy with Consumers

  • Katharine Burnett, Director of East Asian Studies Program at UC Davis and Faculty Director of the Global Tea Initiative, Speaks About the Future Tea Institute at UC Davis

  • Kelsey Knight, Director of Recruitment with AgriCorps, Explains Organization

  • Jessica Rudnick On Her Interest in Social Ecology

    Jessica Rudnick is a P.h.D. student at UC Davis in the Graduate Group in Ecology. She explains her interest in Social Ecology.

  • Katie Ward with the Safe Food Alliance, Explains Food Safety Courses.

    Katie Ward is Senior Marketing Manager with the Safe Food Alliance. She Explains a Contract Granted by CDFA to conduct Food Safety Courses in English and Spanish, as required by the FDA.

  • Themis Michailides on Band Canker in Almonds

    Band Canker is an old disease that is becoming a big issue in Almonds. Themis Michailides, is a UC Davis Plant Pathologist based at the Kearney Agricultural Extension Center in Parlier, Calif.

  • Ashwin Madgavkar with Ceres Imaging Helps Farmers with Questions about Water and Nutrition Stress

    Ashwin Madgavkar with Ceres Imaging explains new technology for California almond orchards, and other crops.

  • Weed Control with Brad Hanson UC Cooperative Extension Weed Specialist at UC Davis

  • UC Davis Ph.D. Animal Science Candidate, Holland Dougherty, Runs an Animal Science Blog: AnimalSustainability.tumblr.com



  • Santiago Martin, his brother Nacho Martin and Santiago Martin Jr. on Why They Love Farming

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