• Idalia Navarro, A Student at Cal State University Fresno is Researching Field Bindweed Control

    Idalia Navarro says Field Bindweed can survive with high salt water, but it will not grow if under water stress.

  • Sonora High School FFA Students Cameron Christie and Chris Ramos Are Working on a Compost Study

    The Sonora FFA Students are insulating compost to warm it up so that earthworms have a better survival rate

  • UC Davis PhD Student Katie Driver is Researching the Control of Bearded Sprangletop in Rice

    Bearded Sprangletop is becoming more troublesome for rice growers.

  • Fresno State Student Priyanka Chaudhari is Researching why Hairy Fleabane is Glyphosate Resistant

    Chaudhari said Hairy Fleabane compartmentalizes the glyphosate molecule not allowing it to move through the plant systemically.

  • Dennis Donohue On Recent AgTechx in West Sacramento

    Bayer Crop Science in partnership with Western Growers presented the first AgTechx event in West Sacramento.

  • Timothy Jacobs, A Grad Student Soon to Graduate from Cal Poly SLO Researches Weed Control in Organic Strawberries

    Timothy Jacobs studied weed control in organic strawberries using Sudan grass as a cover crop and soil solarization to kill weed seeds.

  • Cody Drake, a Cal State University Fresno Senior, on Remote Sensing with a Drone for Vineyard Weed Management

  • David Haviland Entomology Farm Advisor UCCE Kern County on Mating Disruption

    David Haviland explains when tree nut growers should use navel orangeworm mating disruption and when they might not need to use the strategy.

  • Hans Specht is with Arable and Explains a Great Product to Help Growers

    Arable Mark is a sensor that reports weather data and measures plant health.

  • James Schaeffer, Staff Research Associate UC Cooperative Extension Fresno County On Alkali weed in Fresno County

    James Schaeffer is working to find out more about Alkali Weed in orchards and other crops in Fresno County.

  • Samikshya Budhathoki, an undergrad at Fresno State finds that Palmer Amaranth desires saline soils

  • Speaking about SGMA is William Bourdeau, VP of Harris Farms, and Director of Westlands Water District.

  • Steven Haring, A Second Year PhD Student at UC Davis, is Researching Cover Crops in Orchards to Prevent Weed Growth

  • Michelle Borges with Hughson FFA Is Working Hard to Win a Star Reporter Award at CA FFA Convention in April

    FFA members from across the state compete for different awards at the FFA annual meeting and one big category is become a state Star Reporter

  • Jennifer Olmstead Discusses the California Walnut Domestic Market

    Jennifer Olmstead Marketing Director, Domestic PR at California Walnut Board/California Walnut Commission discusses the domestic market and explained how the Walnut Board is expanding its promotion of walnuts in the U.S.

  • James Paterson with Aerobotics Explains How Overhead Imagery Works

    Aerobotics is a Cape Town South Africa company expanding into California with technology that can detect early pest and diseases in orchards and vineyards.

  • Richard Waycott President and CEO of the Almond Board of Califonia on the Board’s Vision and Mission Statements

    Richard Waycott, President and CEO of the Almond Board Discusses the Vision and Mission Statements of the board.

  • Part 2 Daren Williams Senior Director of Global Communications with the Almond Board of California, on the Versatility of Almonds

    Daren Williams, Senior Director of Global Communications for the Almond Board of California, speaks about the versatility of California almonds.

  • Part 1 Daren Williams, Senior Director of Global Communications with the Almond Board of California on increasing Consumer Awareness

  • Part 1 of a Series: Arnold Torres On Disconnect Between Urban and Rural Areas in California

    California has its own flyover areas and the farming industry is not happy. Arnold Torres says that the Hispanic population should help change that!