Meet the Team

California Ag Today started in 2007 as a blog called “Ag in the West”. We expanded to create the largest ag-focused radio network and now we’ve improved our online presence to include an enhanced website, social media strategy and email marketing.

With veteran award-winning journalist Patrick Cavanaugh at the helm, our news team works to sample and share every point of view in the evolving discussion of what agriculture means to California.

Patrick Cavanaugh

Patrick Cavanaugh
Owner, Farm News Director

An award-winning, well-respected and passionate journalist with a career focused solely on California agriculture, Patrick Cavanaugh presently reports on California ag news via radio, print, video and web.

When he is not clocking miles on his bike, Cavanaugh is often interviewed on television, radio, (both standard and satellite) and print for his expertise in California agriculture, and has moderated industry panel discussions for various agricultural forums.

Cavanaugh, farm news director of California Ag Today, daydreams about his ideal vacation anywhere in Mexico, and has a passionate entrepreneurial spirit. As farmers provide him with his favorite dish, beans and rice—with fresh fruits and veggies on the side—he is constantly dreaming up new ways to better serve the ag industry.

Melissa Moe

Melissa Moe
Associate Editor

Melissa is from Escondido, CA where she attended Palomar College for 2 years and received a degree in American Indian Studies. She transferred to Fresno State where she majored in Agriculture Education with an emphasis in Animal Science.

Melissa co-owns Theismoe Livestock, a registered boer goat operation. In her free time she competes in goat shows around the state. Melissa joined California Ag Today in January 2017 as an Associate Editor and Broadcastor. She believes that her background in livestock production and her time Fresno State will be an asset to California Ag Today.

Lauren Dutra

Jessica Theisman
Associate Editor

Jessica Theisman joined California Ag Today in January of 2017. She was born and raised in Escondido, CA and has always had a passion for animals.

She is a current senior at Fresno State perusing her bachelors degree in Animal Science. Once she completes that, she is going back to get another degree in Agriculture Education along with her Teaching Credentials.

In her spare time, Jessie is a co-owner of Theismoe Livestock and breeds competitive Boer Goats for FFA and 4H students to compete with. Someday, she hopes to expand her operation to breed sheep as well.

Jessie is an Associate Editor and Associate Broadcaster for California Ag Today .

Brianne Boyett

Brianne Boyett
Associate Editor/ Broadcaster

Brianne Boyett joined California Ag Today in October of 2017 as an Associate Editor and Broadcaster. 

She was born and raised in Watsonville, CA.  She moved to Fresno to continue her passion for agriculture and animals.

Brianne received her AA in Communications from Fresno City College and currently is a senior at Fresno State. In May 2018, she will receive her Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Communications.

In her spare time, Brianne loves riding her horse, playing with her two Siberian Huskies and being outside.  She strives to continue her involvement in the agriculture community each and every day.

Mike Stevens

Mike Stevens

With a 30 year broadcasting career, a BA in Telecommunications from Fresno State and a MBA from National University. He brings his years of broadcasting experience to the team.

Growing up in Reedley and working in packing sheds in the area, he has an understanding of how important agriculture is to California and the Central Valley.

When he’s not behind the reporting desk, he’s working on his internet radio station, enjoying time with his family and traveling the world.

Lauren Dutra

Joanne Lui
Social Media Coordinator

Joanne Lui has lived in Fresno since she was four, and sometimes accidentally says she was born and raised in Fresno. She was actually born in Hong Kong. She is a big proponent of all things Central Valley and understands the importance of agriculture in the state of California.

She has a degree in print journalism from Fresno State and has worked at The Fresno Bee, The Tribune in San Luis Obispo, ValleyPBS and Currently, she specializes in social media and online marketing, and serves as the social media coordinator at California Ag Today.

When she’s not working, Joanne loves to travel and is a big baseball fan. She serves on the Fresno Grizzlies’ Community Advisory Board and spends a lot of time in the Midwest cheering for the St. Louis Cardinals.