Funding Needed for Sacramento Screening

Funding Needed for Sacramento Screening

December 21, 2013

Please Help Fund The Fight For Water Film,

A Farm Worker Struggle

The award winning Fight For Water Film a Farm Worker Struggle has been gaining popularity with many screenings throughout the state. It documents the pain felt by farmers and their workers throughout 2009 and 2010 when water deliveries were severely cut in Federal Water Districts

But writer producer and director of the film, Juan Carlos Oseguera needs help from sponsors from the business community, anyone to get this movie shown at an important venue---Sacramento—where lawmakers have a chance to see it in late February. He needs  $2,000 to make it happen.

Oseguera notes that he is looking for four individual who can put up $500 each to insure this film can be shown in Sacramento.

If you can help call Juan Carlos Oseguera at (209) 675-2988---that’s (209) 675-2988.

Oseguera also notes that the Galaxy Cinemas throughout California has an interest to show the movie. But in order for that to happen Osequera must have the film professionally converted in order to show it in mainstream theaters. That takes funding too.

Again, if you can help with the screenings on The Fight for Water Film, Call 209 675-2988