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Patrick A. Cavanaugh
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A well-respected, award-winning and passionate journalist whose career has focused solely on California agriculture, Patrick Cavanaugh provides compelling and informational news about the state’s massive $54 billion agriculture industry on radio, print, web, forums and social media.

Cavanaugh’s academic agricultural background, a B.S. in agriculture production from the University of Florida, Gainesville, and experience managing a 500-acre table grape vineyard in Arizona, both instilled in him a tremendous respect for the demanding job of farming that provides sustenance, even pleasure at the dinner table. His background, plus experience covering California agriculture for three decades, has informed Patrick’s inside grasp of California’s complex agricultural issues.

Following his passion for agriculture, Cavanaugh became editor-in-chief for five monthly western agricultural publications in the 1980s. He later became co-owner and editor of two monthly agricultural magazines, Pacific Nut Producer and Vegetables West since 1994, professional ag broadcaster since 2010, and the first editor of the highly regarded website CaliforniaAgToday.com in 2007.

Expanding his vision of providing timely, unique, and comprehensive reports on California’s wide diversity of crops and proven history of breaking stories, Cavanaugh and Laurie Greene launched CaliforniaAgToday Radio Network in 2014, with Cavanaugh as Farm News Director, now with 20 powerful affiliates spanning the state from Brawley to Red Bluff, including the Salinas Valley.

Owned and operated in Fresno County, California Ag Today is the largest Ag radio network ever to serve the California agricultural industry exclusively.

Eager to reach out to new participants in the farm-to-fork conversation, Patrick most recently has been interviewed on television, radio stations (large and small, standard and satellite – Sirius XM), print and podcasts for his expertise on Ag’s complicated challenges, recently serving as moderator or panelist for several publicized industry forums. You can also hear broadcasts streaming live, 24/7 on CaliforniaAgNews.com.

Cavanaugh has received numerous First Place Awards for agricultural journalism in print and broadcasting from the Fresno County Farm Bureau, including the 2014 First Place Award for a series of articles in Pacific Nut Producer. Cavanaugh is a voting member of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB).


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Laurie Greene

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Laurie Greene is thrilled to be Associate Farm Director of the California Ag Today Radio Network. Greene has enjoyed a diverse career in editing, writing, broadcasting and marketing. After moving to California in 2000, Greene worked in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the UC Davis College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences before moving to Clovis.

A transplanted East Coast suburbanite, Greene has come to realize, respect, and admire the creative, hard-working, and environmental stewards of the land — the farmers and farmworkers, particularly in California — who provide us with our daily USDA-recommended and safe-guarded food despite increasingly complicated obstacles.

Greene understands the future of agriculture requires collaboration between enterprising farmers, cross-disciplinary scientists, passionate consumers, collaborative environmentalists, courageous lawmakers and regulators, innovative technology experts, and informed voters.

She recently became editor of the comprehensive website, CaliforniaAgToday.com, established in 2007, which provides original, daily coverage of California’s agriculture industry. Greene has shared in several of Patrick Cavanaugh’s first place awards due to her editing skills and is a voting member of the NAFB.



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Brian German
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Vital California Ag Today team member Brian German is a California native, born and raised in Fresno. Surrounded by the productive agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley, German grew up to fully understand and appreciate the dedication it takes to be a farmer.

German found his passion for news and storytelling in his high school journalism class. After winning a San Joaquin Valley Scholastic Press Association award, German attended California State University Fresno where he began working for the campus radio station, 90.7 KFSR, and earned his B.A. in Mass Communication and Journalism in 2013.

Shortly thereafter, German joined the California Ag Today Radio Network as a radio broadcaster and producer and can be heard on the network’s twenty stations statewide. Brian is a pending NAFB member.






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Charmayne Hefley
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Charmayne Hefley, California Ag Today’s newest team member, is passionate about the world and educating the public through the narratives of the people directly involved in agriculture. She developed her passion for and knowledge of agriculture by participating in Future Farmers of America (FFA), an intercurricular student organization for those interested in agriculture and leadership, Sigma Alpha, a professional agricultural sorority at California State University, Fresno, that promotes scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship among its members, and Fresno State’s Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology Student Leadership Council. Driven to learn, Hefley earned her degree in Agricultural Communications from Fresno State in May 2015.

Now, with California Ag Today as a radio broadcaster and producer, as well as social media specialist and website associate editor, Charmayne is eager to bring media attention to the unwritten stories of California agriculture. Charmayne is a voting member of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB).




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